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Hello People!!!

Hi people, I created a website and really don’t know if it’s wort viewing, although it’s for a local business, please i would be glad if anyone would just check […]


A cedi to a million dollar. Is it a myth, is it feasible and how possible is it. What do I mean by a cedi to a million dollar. How […]


I realized after posting yesterday, that, after four months of creating a blog,I have achieved just eleven posts. What a shame!Is it studies? Oh come on, studies shouldn’t be an […]

Food for thought!!

1. Pride and arrogance will cause you to lose it all. It’s easier to lose something than it is to gain it, and I’m sure the bulk of you reading […]


Happy Easter friends!!!!! Hi friends, I’m very sorry that I’ve not been too active to read through posts and comments or even to inspire those who just started blogging newly. […]

200+ followers

I’m want to appreciate all my viewers, likers, commenters and my lovely followers {please ignore my err grammar}.  I have waited for so long to have a post whereby i […]

Heart in Halves

Originally posted on Life & Lullabies:
Somebody told me, “you should follow your heart”—But what if your heart was shattered into thousands of pieces.. which piece will you follow? As…

Weekend post 3 (replacement)

Hello friends, I want to apologise for skipping the last weekend’s post. So I’m using this as a replacement for the missed one. For my new lovely friends, and followers, […]

Be an Inspiration to yourself

Please this one is a little bit longer but I surely know it’s for you. I remembered writing on one of my previous post “Inspiration“, where I said inspirations could […]

I won the Liebster Award!!!

WHAT IS LIEBSTER AWARD The Liebster Award is an award that exist on the internet given to bloggers by other bloggers for showing RESPECT AND DEDICATION to their works. It’s […]

Wonderful Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends, I want to share my happy moments with you all. Today at church it was a Mega thanksgiving Sunday. Assemblies of God Church, Abuja District, Nigeria. Venue […]


There’s something about this life, I noticed and want to share with us, there are people that indirectly or directly inspires us. Even when you lose hope, they just come […]

Sympathize vs Worrying

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize We all know its a feeling, but sometimes we interchange Sympathy with worrying about something or someone, it could be a consciously or unconsciously feelings. Sympathy […]

Why I love the white

It’s not only because of their colour, and the colour is 20% of it. The main reason I love them is for the fact that they brought me the Gospel […]


I’ve always waited for this day, the end of January. I won’t be doing any serious post and I wish to be doing this every month end. I’ll simply appreciate […]

It’s your right to make mistakes

I’m not good in writing essays in form of information, but I try as much to make sure it’s worth reading!! I know it may sound weird, considering the facts […]

A piece of advice

Most people thinks that they are not good in blogging so they tend to give up blogging so easily, cleaning up what they started, feeling that it is not “their […]

Shittu fires back at Obasanjo for rating Buhari low

Ameh Comrade Godwin 1 hour ago < p class=”amp-wp-article-content” style=”margin-right:16px;margin-bottom:0;margin-left:16px;color:rgb(53,53,53);font-family:Merriweather, "font-size:medium;background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”> Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, has claimed that former president Olusegun Obasanjo was shortchanging Nigerians by asking President Muhammadu […]

INEC Debunks Rumours

INEC debunks rumours of January 31 deadline for voter registration Agency Report 1 day ago Ballot boxes used to illustrate the story. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has debunked […]