A cedi to a million dollar. Is it a myth, is it feasible and how possible is it. What do I mean by a cedi to a million dollar. How transformed I would, to move from a cedi to a million dollar. Anyway, people have made it earning millions of dollars. But people have their own definitions of a million dollar. Your million dollar might be your dream house, car or something precious you will need in the near future.

Someone’s million dollar might be a ¢1000 and as low as ¢500 depending on how comfortable one is. But have you ever asked yourself how wealthy your million dollar is. Also have you ever wondered what really happens between a cedi and a million dollar. The journey might not be easy in attaining your type of million dollar, but to some it may come by on a silver platter. To achieve your type of million dollar,it may come with some challenges and to face this challenges as a student bores down to start saving now.

The key to financial success, is being aware of how you are spending your money. It is important to mention that it is not always easy for a student to commit to save. Many of us get caught up with the trend of living beyond what we can afford.

We tend to buy expensive clothes, expensive phones with costly services, eat in expensive restaurants and live flashy lives without knowing that we have a future to secure. All these builds up and makes us live beyond our budget and eventually get into debt.

However,when we realize how important and significant to create a budget around our finances,it will help us find it easy to see unforeseen situations that can affect us financially.

As students, savings is very important since it helps us graduate college without experiencing huge financial burden. College is the only stage a student can save to its maximum to the extent that one can track his spending. As I said earlier,saving in a college or in the university isn’t that easy but a cedi a day can make your type of million dollar become a reality.

Why don’t you save? Is it because your parents provide all your needs and never lack anything. Remember, that you would one day be on on your own and you will face the world all alone.

Save now to secure your future, because when students save, they become aware of their finances, and turn to think about possible and successful ways to grow and make their money work for them.

For one to move from a cedi to a million dollar, an individual doesn’t need a huge amount of money to start saving, but with as low as a cedi note you can make that difference.



Published by

Kennedy Odame Twumasi

I am Kennedy Odame Twuamsi,a product of Achimota Secondary School and currently a student of Ghana Institute of Journalism,reading BA in Communication Studies, Journalism to be specific.

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