I realized after posting yesterday, that, after four months of creating a blog,I have achieved just eleven posts. What a shame!Is it studies? Oh come on, studies shouldn’t be an excuse of preventing me from improving upon my writing skills. I thought this isn’t necessary but I had to mention it.

Anyway, today I rose early, tottered down to the bathroom and noticed on my return that it is 6:00am.Oh plenty of time to incur another hour of sleep, I thought. And after a fruitful sleep,including a battle with the blanket and a dream of making it in life, I woke up refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Then I looked at my clock. It was 7:00 am on the dot.

This was when the disease of procrastination begun to pop his head up. At least we’ve vacated so there is more time to write why don’t you sleep a little and write another time. I thought it was a good idea because the semester just ended and I’ve already being through a lot,so I embraced the idea and allowed procrastination in.

This continued for a month without writing a single piece until the day I applied for a job in a media house. I was shortlisted and called for an interview with my other colleagues who applied for the same job. We all had the experience and the what it takes to have the job. Since the interviewer saw that we were all competent for the job he brought up something special. He asked us if we had blogs and we said yes,so he demanded for our site’s address and asked us politely to go and report the next day at 7:00am. We adhered to what he said and came back the following day.

To my utter dismay, he chose a colleague with a stand that we all had blogs,but what prevented us from writing to build up our blogs.

For four months of creating a blog,I had just eleven posts and he drew a conclusion that, if I was given the job I wouldn’t be determined to work towards the companies goal but rather I would make sure procrastination eats into my skull.

And that was the end, I lost the opportunity to work in the media house.

You might not know where you would find yourself one day, so whatever that you do,do it at its best.



Published by

Kennedy Odame Twumasi

I am Kennedy Odame Twuamsi,a product of Achimota Secondary School and currently a student of Ghana Institute of Journalism,reading BA in Communication Studies, Journalism to be specific.


  1. Just keep at it, I find just sitting down writing in a stream of conscious way helps to get things flowing and yes there are times when you just have to force yourself to do it. you have a lot more followers than I so you have a voice and people who want to hear it.

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