Happy Easter friends!!!!!

Hi friends,

I’m very sorry that I’ve not been too active to read through posts and comments or even to inspire those who just started blogging newly. Friends within this few periods I’ve missed a lot and never keep wondering if any thought of me even for a while. It just seems i was dead in the blogosphere as some funny people may call it.

Probably, I’LL discuss my self some other time, but today is Easter Friday, over here it’s already 1 am. I’m here today to celebrate the one who died so i could come alive. Someone who never forgets anyone. The main source of christian’s freedom. And that is the death of JESUS. He is not DEAD but he DIED to LIVE, and also that we may LIVE.

My dear friends i want to congratulate you, why? because you have LIFE. I also what you to know that you are as important as the person you feel inferior to, or even superior to.

I don’t have all day, but HAPPY EASTER from me to you!!!!!


I feel like discussing Christ with those that are interested! probably on his resurrection day!! comment if i should or not!!

I love you all!!!


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A young Enthusiastic guy.. that loves whatever that makes people smile....

12 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER”

        1. Wow!! am smiling!! that’s cool, today signifies christian’s life, that’s cool. He’s very special and treat him well oh! how i wish , i lived at Australia, i would have made him so excited myself. I wish him L.L.N.P to him. My regards

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