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I’m want to appreciate all my viewers, likers, commenters and my lovely followers {please ignore my err grammar}. 

I have waited for so long to have a post whereby i could appreciate you all, and am also sorry for waiting too long. I tried remembering when i started last year and i figured out that i never expected to have people that could inspire, encourage and motivate me. I thought blogging was a place where you have to mind your business and was strict, but now i have a little bit of understanding about blogging. And to describe it in two words “it’s fun”. I know i haven’t been active for some while, but that doesn’t mean i give up rather i’ll improve. But still for the mean time i’ll be “Off and On” and that’s due to the fact that my phone is presently having some issues and i’m trying to learn how to have a strong mind {not in a negative aspect, but in a way i could stand on my principles and not compromising, and not also in aspect of been autocratic}.

Since this post is not about myself, but about you. I wrote this to appreciate you all, like i do say “Everyone and everything counts”. 

Thanks to you all, both to those that can like 12 post in a minutes without even knowing what it’s all about {i guess it’s their talent}, and those who sincerely go through it in order to encourage and correct us. I really do appreciate you all.

Before i close up, i’m confused and don’t know if it’s possible that snake and monkey did this;

 They said Snake swallow 36 million Naira and Monkey stole 70 million Naira in Nigeria {it’s all over the news here} please how possible is that?

And also anyone that knows where i could download or watch “God’s not Dead 2” should please comment, i really need to watch it. And if you know any faith building movie please do comment. 

Thanks and God Bless you! Meanwhile i’ll be learning Spanish from a friend of mine online {with Tammy} and then i’ll try to learn German etc. 

Have a lovely month end! And a successful new month.




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