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Heart in Halves

Originally posted by nerd.

Life & Lullabies

Somebody told me, “you should follow your heart”—But what if your heart was shattered into thousands of pieces.. which piece will you follow?

As I caught myself looking through thicks and thins of love, I found out that there must be prerequisites if you want to keep someone throughout your lifetime:

First, you should make TIME for him—for it will make your relationship stronger as you grow in seasons.

You should also hold his hands TIGHT as you walk along different pathways of decisions, regardless to wherever it may take you.

You should also learn to ACCEPT his imperfections and foresee it as one of his assets;

And most importantly, you should be READY to break your heart for him—

For it will leave your heart in different, shattered halves.

I don’t know the feeling of being loved, but this person I’ve asked about it satisfied my inner…

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