Be an Inspiration to yourself

Please this one is a little bit longer but I surely know it’s for you.

I remembered writing on one of my previous post “Inspiration“, where I said inspirations could only come from the outside. But that was only to give you the major part of where we could be inspired or get inspiration from.

But today I’ll love to take us to another stage. And that would be inspiration from our future self.

The thing there is that we could best be inspired by our future self.

And how is that, some thinks it’s weird, some know it’s true, some were part of it.

The step involved are

  1. Have a dream or make one.

  2. Take a picture of you in your future self (I want to be a medical doctor, not just a medical doctor but a neurosurgeon, so what am I to do) I took a picture of me on that hot seat (am not yet one!!but by his grace) imagine yourself in that future of yours.

  3. Apply the three steps of success as stated in one of my post “making a resolution to be successful“.

  4. Be always selective, choose your friends, your habits and choose what you listen to either choose between encouragement or discouragement.

  5. Be partially secretive, always expect high inside of you, but speak out as if you expect the least. In order to avoid embarrassment and gain more respect.

  6. Don’t let others down, be the best you already are.

  7. Build yourself mentally and control your mind, It has been confirmed that the quality of a person’s mind determines the quality of his life. Anything that cannot cross your mind cannot cross your life. When a man loses his mind, his life is almost lost. For instance, a mad man cannot be employed. He cannot vote or be voted for. He cannot be counted during census. In fact, he is insignificant and absolutely inconsequential.

So, mentality is a major factor for destiny fulfilment.
When a man loses his mind, he has lost his destiny. You need your mind to meditate on the transforming Word of God. You need your mind to calculate how to fulfil destiny or organise your progress in life.

When the devil wants to truncate a person’s destiny, he saturates his mind with iniquity.

Many people have lost their jobs because they spent hours on the internet watching pornography until their minds lost the capacity to function optimally. Many young men are not able to concentrate in school because their minds are ruined by immorality. Nothing places demands on the mind like immorality. Sin ruins sense and iniquity corrupts mentality.
Beloved, it is a blessed thing for your mind to be pure. So, guard your heart for the guarantee of your destiny fulfilment.

Remember this: Sin ruins sense and iniquity corrupts mentality.

I Hope that someone somewhere would get up and be the strength of people looking up to them.

Have a nice day to you from me (Richard).


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19 thoughts on “Be an Inspiration to yourself”

  1. I love your 7 step checklist. I am definitly my own inpiration as I inspire myself to become better than I was yesterday. I also inspire myself not to make the same mistakes I made in the past.

    Great post!

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