Wonderful Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends, I want to share my happy moments with you all. Today at church it was a Mega thanksgiving Sunday. Assemblies of God Church, Abuja District, Nigeria. Venue was at my local church. A.G.C, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate.

Why am sharing my moments with you is simply because you are now part of me and to let you know that in the presence of God there is fullness of Joy and Liberty, our service was more of Testimonies, Praises and Worship, Preaching the word of God etc.

Here’s what it looked like for most people and outside Abuja or Nigeria that want to see how Africans or Nigeria’s Christians serve God. Here’s our little way.

As you can see the theme for the year, is “Divine Restoration”. Given the Senior Reverend of AGC, Gwarinpa. Rev. James Eze, contact: +2348035811551. Mind you he’s a very great man of God.

Church service giving offerings

Church during testimonies, joyful praises to God and attentive to the preaching

Youth choir ministration

Before we go here’s my little sis on her glasses, paying attention to the pulpit

And my Mom in her church mood!

That’s the Lady on blue, she’s my lovely mother ” she’s very happy to be in God’s presence”.

Briefly, the theme is not only for the church members, but for the God’s children world wide.

God promise to restored all that we’ve lost in time past.

Bible verse

Joel 2:25-27,

1 Samuel 30:18-20

Please this post is meant to give you a clear picture of how joyful it is to serve God, irrespective your religion, tribe, country, etc.

I love you all!!! Happy Sunday/Happy weekend.


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27 thoughts on “Wonderful Sunday”

    1. Ahhh!! Words cannot explain how much I appreciate you for been part of my life, and seeing my sweetheart (Mom ) as beautiful, I know it’s God’s doing, but a deep thank you from me!! No emoji could express the way I feel right now!! God bless you!!

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        1. Hello dear , what you will do is , you will use my profile picture where the logo of the Award is as your post picture, Then you write a few lines about the Liebster Award 🥇, you can get that from my post , rule no 2 , you will thank me for nominating you and a link to my blog , then you answer the new 11 questions I asked the nominees . Lastly then you in turn nominate another 11 bloggers you get inspired mr their contents and you notify them they have been nominated . If you have any problem, please am here to support you 🙂

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