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Sympathize vs Worrying

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize

We all know its a feeling, but sometimes we interchange Sympathy with worrying about something or someone, it could be a consciously or unconsciously feelings.

Sympathy is an act of sharing a part of someone’s burden emotionally, you could sympathize with those by the roadside, or those that find it very difficult to feed, put on clothing, having shelter. This are just samples of sympathy although it could go a long way and also have a different meaning due to ones perspective.

But remember worrying is an act of self disturbance, whereby, the victim turns out to be the one who’s wanting to help or would i say Someone that thinks for others or that’s doing much thinking more than necessary. He/She thinks for himself and also the one of others. For example. People do worry of what people think or say about them [in this case he/she thinks for the people and his /herself] there are more life examples that you could relate it with. It could also be define as an unhealthy way of Sympathizing for or with others.

  1. Resolve not to worry [it shortens ones life span]
  2. Resolve to be sympathetic [its human to have that feelings, once you observe you sympathize with others, then expect longer life]
  3. Resolve to let people think for themselves [it saves you more stress, say to yourself that you can’t carry your problems and still carry someone else’s problem “consider the height and weight of the person”, make it sound real to you, you’ll change your mind]
  4. Resolve to show love to people [It makes them compliment you instead of condemning you, advice you instead of abuse you]
  5. Resolve to have a conscience.
  6. Resolve to be always positive.

Have a nice day!!!



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