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Why I love the white

It’s not only because of their colour, and the colour is 20% of it. The main reason I love them is for the fact that they brought me the Gospel and they’re very kind, the only time they get weird or mad is when you mess with their feelings, or something precious to them.

I’m writing not to please any one but my few moments chatting with them.

Moreover, I’ve seen quite a number here at Abuja they’re wonderful people. The first I met was from Poland, she’s married to a black we got into a tricycle together she was friendly, the second was a guy I saw along the roadside discussing with a black guy, and the third was cruising her Jeep in my street, I’ve seen more both the Chinese and many of them I just refer to them as white.

I felt this joy inside of me knowing that the black and white relationship still exists!!

Thanks for the time you spared to read this.



  1. All Christians have the same father. We are all one family. It is written.
    Acts 17:26

    “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;”

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  2. I have to commend you for loving other cultures however I must advise you that some chinese people do not take kindly to being referred to as European cos of our history of attempting to take over their country. there was a funny situation where a European boy raised in chinese culture was given as an example for others to postulate whether he could be considered chinese cos he was born in china. I don’t think so. thanks for the love. please add me on minusthecynic on facebook and godschyld777 on twitter. I had trouble connecting with your links on facebook n twitter otherwise I would have followed u first 🙂 I am glad you appreciate the introduction of Christianity to your country. I am very impressed by the passion many people in your country possess for praying and leading the way with movie production and musical artistry 🙂 God bless you heaps my brother in Christ 🙂 what is rbc please?

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