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Difference between being proud and high self esteem

Many of us do fall victims of this, either in a positive way or the negative way.

Point 1,

Pride: looks down on people, in such a way that “I am the only one that can make it”.

High self esteem: Never looks down on people rather “I am/would be part of those that have made it or are still making it”

Point 2,

Pride: it’s always personal

High self esteem: it involves others

Point 3,

Pride: built-in anger, and bitterness

High self esteem: Peace of mind

Point 4,

Pride: involves hatred for those under you (upcoming ones)

High self esteem: involves love for all.

Point 5,

Pride: always end bad and shameful!!!

High self esteem: A very successful end!!!

There’s more to this, just that this were the very observable ones in our day to day living. I urge us to rather than being proud, we should try to be highly self esteemed and not to be intimidated by the proud!!

Remember Others count!!!



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