I’ve always waited for this day, the end of January. I won’t be doing any serious post and I wish to be doing this every month end. I’ll simply appreciate you all and then post some funny stuff at the end to add colour to your day.

I want to appreciate all my viewers for your encouragements, I would not be here without you. Especially my favorite viewers from Facebook, WordPress readers, and even those that do search for my updates, thank you for your encouragements.

I would not fail to thank my followers. You all are wonderful, and am grateful to you. Also, those that likes and comment on my posts. You are my encouragement, I love you all, And God bless you all.

Here’s my stats for January,

I want to thank you all, like I said everyone and everything counts.

Fun Time

  1. Doctor: I told you to take your drugs by 9am, why did you take it by 6am.

Patient: doctor I wanted to surprise the bacteria

2.Nigerian’s babes are funny…, you would meet them in a taxi, pay their fare and buy Yogurt for them…, then exchange Numbers… And then you’ll watch her save your name as ‘TAXI YOGURT’

  1. One man called me, and then I told him it’s a wrong number, two minutes later he called back asking me to send the correct number for him.

4.My friend told me that onions is the only foodstuff that can make you cry, I laughed and threw a coconut on his face,he’s still crying oh… Am shocked.

  1. World population is – 7,187,281,433 just in case one idiot is feeling too important for you.

  2. The brain is wonderful it works from when you are born and doesn’t stop till when you fall in love, you then become classic mumu.

  3. When a herdsmen dies, his son inherit the cows, but when a professor dies his certificate becomes useless. Moral lesson: use your school fees to buy cows. ( I didn’t say anything ohh)

All for fun!! I hope you love it!! Ur comments inspires me!!

Have a nice day I want to see you in February, remember no hard feelings.👍👍👍


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11 thoughts on “Appreciation”

  1. 😂😂😂😂 those jokes were hilarious!! Thanks for making me laugh! Although I’m always laughing 😂😂😂!! God bless you and we love you more and will continue to show your blog love always! Xx

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