A piece of advice

Most people thinks that they are not good in blogging so they tend to give up blogging so easily, cleaning up what they started, feeling that it is not “their thing”. Probably there has not been anyone to encourage them or any activities.

I want to ask them where they kept their


Endurance and even


Because if you lacks any of these, then you loose every opportunity of sharing you own views or ideas to the world.

Although it doesn’t come easy, it requires




There are so many more. But these are the major keys to being successful not only on the blogging aspects but in every aspect of our lives.

I started blogging recently, not up to 6 months now. I started with one view per day, At times none I took that as an encouragement. But persistence, hardwork and focus is still my drive. Even if I’m still not there, but now I could share my little ideas with some reputable people and be happy.

Nelson Mandela my African role model, he never gives up!

I want to challenge you today, to put more effort instead of tarnishing the ones you already had, believe in yourself, and don’t relent.



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A young Enthusiastic guy.. that loves whatever that makes people smile....

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