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My Little bible sermon

I thought i should share a little bit of my moments at church.

It may sound weird, I just came back from church, we were having prayers. I really had a good time. He (pastor) spoke on “Dealing with Door Closers and gate shutters”. His points were based on “Anger” he said that’s part of what hinders open doors or what we normally call break through.

Using sons of Jacob as the case study,

Mainly Simeon, Levi and also Moses of old.

Read: Genesis 49:1-7, revelation 3:7-8

His points;

  1. Anger can reduce a man to nothing. (Bible reading: Ecclesiastic 7; 9, proverbs 14: 17; 22:24-25, Ephesians 4:31)

  2. In destiny journey there is a room for others to contribute to your life before you can make it.

Its really a joyful thing to be in God’s presence.

Please am posting this just because I don’t want to deny Christ. He said it if I deny him in front of men that he would do so to me in front of his father.

I have always loved the White people for the fact that they were the ones that brought the gospel to Africans but I don’t know where they stand now.

I just finished watching “the shark 2017” and it really explained to me how much Christ loves us.

If you are a believer and are not ashamed of Christ. Please just comment “I love you God”.



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