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Difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence

There are three kinds of behavior we can see amongst people. Either a person has low self-esteem, high self-esteem means confidence or Delusional Overconfidence. We all know the difference between low self-esteem and High self-esteem (confidence), Because differences are very evident when we talk about low self-esteem person and confident person, Low self-esteem people always have fear of them related to everything and they prefer to stay in Comfort zone whereas confident people know how capable they are and they never fear to take decisions in order to grow and move towards their goals and dream.

But it’s really very difficult for us to understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence because there is a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence, we need to understand that believe comes with confidence, and arrogance comes with overconfidence. Confidence helps us to grow and also helps us to get success even in the difficult situations and task, whereas Overconfidence can give us failure even in the easiest task and situations.

Confidence gives Humility and confident person are down to earth whereas overconfidence gives us pride and overconfident people pretend they have a lot more than others, Confident person is someone who believes that everything will go right with his current assignments whereas overconfident person thinks that nothing can ever go wrong with his current assignments, Too much of Confidence or Extra confidence Is very harmful.

Anything extra or over always ruins the taste, either Extra sugar in the sweet dish or salt in the food it will for sure ruin the taste, similarly extra or overconfidence is really very harmful to us and this overconfidence can ruin your journey towards success.

As it says “Confidence is good, but Overconfidence always sinks the Ship.”

Today I will share some Traits which will help you to understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence.

1. I CAN vs. Only I CAN

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There is a huge difference between I can and only I can, Confident person believe that he/she has the capability to do it, he has that much knowledge about particular thing and He can do it, Whereas overconfident person believes that he is the only capable person to do a given task or only he has the capability and others are fool and others do not stand in front of him/her.

A confident person knows their capability but they also know that this world is full of talented people, intelligent people and everyone has the capability to do something great in their lives, whereas overconfident people think that no one is as good as compare to them and others are nothing in front of them.

Confident People believe that they can be wrong, whereas overconfident people think that they are always right.

2. Always Talking vs. Listening


Confident people are more listeners, they don’t only talk, but they listen too because they know every individual in this world has something new to say about which you might have no idea, and that thing can help them in various aspect of their lives.

Whereas Overconfident people Always Think that they know everything and they are always right and they don’t need to listen because others don’t have much to say because only they have knowledge and intelligence, People having overconfidence think that they are born with talent and skills, whereas People with confidence believes that they are in the process of becoming a wise person and they are learning and improving in the process of becoming something great.

Example: Even successful entrepreneurs listen to their employees because they know that listening to their employees will help them to grow, even Advertisement companies take feedback and want to listen to their customers because they know their customer’s feedback will help them to improve and grow.

3. Too Perfect Attitude vs. Perfect Attitude


Overconfident people think they can never make mistake because they are too perfect for mistakes and mistakes are done by losers, whereas Confident people believe that even they are human not God, and mistakes are the sign that they are improving and trying and it’s ok to make mistakes and believes that mistakes are not embarrassment but indicated that they are moving forward.

4. Preparation vs. No Preparation


You must have heard a Story about A race between a Turtle and a Rabbit, In this story, Overconfidence is described by a Rabbit where he thought that he can easily win the race, because he underestimated his opponent and Confidence is Described by Turtle, where turtle kept on moving because he knew even if he loses at least he tried. But what happened because of overconfidence Rabbit lost the race and Turtle won.

As I said earlier Confidence can help you to win even in the difficult situation whereas Overconfidence can fail you even in the easiest situation.

Confident people always believe in hard work and efforts, they know no matter how good they are in anything, but hard work and efforts will pay them better and will give you the best results or outcome.

Whereas Overconfident people think that they are too good and hence they can win or pass the situation without any hard work or efforts, this thinking is really very harmful because no matter how good you are. Hard work and efforts are something which is always required to become something huge and great in life.

5. Never Learns vs. Never Repeat


Overconfident people always think that they can never make mistake hence for every failure they always blame on others and never learn from their mistake and keep on repeating the same old game of blaming again and again.

Whereas Confident people always take the responsibility and believes that mistakes can happen and accept their fault and move on and always understand that making mistake is not bad or harmful but repeating the same old mistake again and again is and can be harmful, hence they learn from their mistakes and never repeat it and move on in their journey of success.

6. Respect vs. Attention


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