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What would you do?

Crack your brain time!!

Imagine your Mum left your dad  when you were just 8months old because he had no money. Your dad remarried a lady because he needed someone who will take care of you. So when you grew up, due to the finacial state of the house, your step Mum sold her wrappers so that she could sponsor your education. Luckily you graduate as a medical doctor, owned your hospital. One day due to your good medical services, your hospital was crowded with patients, all the bed has been occupied, leaving only a single bed.  An emergency occurred due to an accident which your real mum and your step mum was involved and both was brought to your hospital.  Who will you admit first?, your biological mum or your step mum?? (The situation permit you to choose just one). Please don’t ignore the question. We just want to know what people feel is the right thing to do….



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