Making a new year’s Resolution to be Successful in the year 2018

As we all know the year 2017 is practically gone, and there may be things we all were planing to do or even achieve within the past months or even this present month. Its a time for sober reflection, a time to cross check our lives. Making sure that there are nothing that would hinder us from achieving those goals in the coming year 2018.

The reason for our struggle in life is to achieve Success, and we all know that success is a Journey and never ending with so much hardwork and focus. So in essence we live to be successful.

Mathematical Expression 

Success = Excess Hardwork + Focus

Success has no limit and can’t be represented by circles.

Failure = Lesser hardwork or no hardwork + Lack of focus

Failure has limitations and can be represented by circles


Success is like a journey that is far different from running round a circle,


Failure (you are always running round a particular situation or challenge, been scared of breaking limitations)



Success (it may seems awkward and lonely and crazy but it is real, you don’t feel any limitations, but rather you break boundaries)

Success is never ending, enjoyable and not pain free either.

To be successful you must come in contact with these terms:

  1. Success
  2. Failure
  3. Hardwork
  4. Focus
  5. Pain
  6. Quitting

Success has already been explained earlier likewise Failure.

But to throw more light on them.

  1. Success is a live journey that has no end and requires Hardwork and focus in order to be successful, and success has a connection with failure in the sense that you must have pass through failure in order to be successful. In order for me not to be quoted wrong.Examples are

    Stephen King

    Bill Gates

    Henry Ford

    Thomas Edison

    Micheal Jordan

    and so many more…

    If you know any of these people, then you know that been successful doesn’t mean you wont fail. But the truth is that once you are hardworking and focus you are already successful.


  2. Failure is a state in which prepares you to be successful in life, failure doesn’t mean that you are a loser or that there is no hope for you, it is just a stage in life in which you either run in circles or you are stagnant. But that doesn’t mean you don’t worth giving another chance.

We would continue our discussion in our next article.

We just want to wish you the best in advance, Happy New Year (2018).

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