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Above is a picture of my hair, 100% dry and free of product. I washed my hair and bunned it in 3 sections to dry.
Without moisturizing or oiling.
Below is a picture of supposed hair types, so with these two, you can really determine what you have.
I did this to have a clear view of my different textures and where they are. I get questions a lot about hair typing and how to “identify hair type”, to start with, it might interest you to know that I have multiple, and so do you too…probably.
When your hair is dry and unaltered by-products, you get to see your curls in true form. Only then can you identify if you have 4c, 4b, 4a or 3c hair.
In the African Natural Hair Community. A number of us have these aforementioned hair types. Or a mix of them all.
Every hair type has a curl pattern, just two questions here…Have they attained Maximum hydration? And are they all visible?
4c – these strands are tightly coiled so they love up on each other a whole lot, constantly interlocking, not so visible curl pattern, often wiry, susceptible to dryness and a high shrinkage level.
– The best hair type for a perfect fro.
– Moisturized when proper methods are implemented: LOC method
– look into the Max Hydration Method if a visible curl pattern is desired.
4b – zigzag strands, similar to 4c hair in form but with a visible pattern.
High shrinkage level.
4a – zigzag to S pattern, silkier, shrinkage levels vary.
3c – elongated 4a pattern, wider circumference, silky, (Instagram Hair)
– everything from here is what the world desires because that’s all you see on Instagram and Tumblr, zero shade lol. 
Products, on the other hand, can mimic certain textures because of hold and moisture properties. A clear-cut example of this would be 3c/4a hair. To me, 4a hair is just 3c hair with a tighter curl pattern. So! With certain products such as gels, you can elongate the curls and you have 3c hair. Magic.
If you’ve been curious, go ahead, try this method. 1 day without moisture won’t damage your hair, they say curiosity killed the cat. In this case, you’re not a cat, just a curious natural haired lady. When you’re done with this test, do not forget to moisturize and seal!
Thanks for reading, God bless x
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