INEC announces live results in Awka (UPDATES)

Nov 19, 2017 1:00 PM

Many of the results were collated at the various INEC local government offices very late on Saturday night till early Sunday morning.


The Anambra governorship election held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 with 36 candidates vying for the seat of power.

The electioneering process was characterised by low turn out and late arrival of materials and personnel in many areas.

While it was unanimously agreed that the election, was, however, violence-free except in isolated incidents, the card readers posed challenges for some areas and polling units.

INEC announces results of Anambra election
INEC officials at work counting results of votes in Anambra Election (Premium Times)

Many of the results were collated at thevarious INEC local government offices very late on Saturday night till early Sunday morning.

The final collation of results at the INEC headquarters in Awka, the state capital, is now being expected‎.

Pulse brings you live updates of the final, official results as well as happenings at the INEC headquarters.

INEC announces live results in Anambra election
INEC officials (TheCable)


According to Premium Times, a few collation officers from the LGAs have reportedly arrived and are scribbling results into some sheets.

However, INEC officials have however shown no signs that results announcement would commence soon.

INEC announces live results in Anambra election
Party agents at the INEC office (TheCable)


Premium Times reports that the DG of Governor Willy Obiano re-election campaign arrived the state collation centre at INEC headquarters armed with duplicate copies of results obtained at the different centres amid fears that the delays had untoward purposes.


TheCable reports that the returning officer is Zana Akpagu, vice-chancellor of the University of Calabar (UNICAL). 16 LGAs are ready to present their results out of the 21 LGAs in Anambra state. Akpagu said only the 16 LGAs have returned their results in the list with him. Akpagu is now observing protocols and welcoming everyone to the session.


INEC announces live results of Anambra governorship election
Results been announced (TheCable)

Njikoka LGA results announced by the collating officer, Robinson Ogbuishi.

Registered voters: 88793

Accredited voters: 28346

APC: 5756

APGA: 16944

PDP: 3477

UPP: 108


Dunukofia LGA

Registered voters: 63,861

Accredited voters: 18,632

APC 7,016

APGA 8,575

PDP 1,830

UPP 106


Awka South LGA

Registered voters: 149,279

Accredited voters: 36,114

APC: 6,167

APGA: 18,957

PDP: 5354

UPP: 150


The collation officer for Awka South LGA,Edoje Edoh, disclosed that results in five polling units — Aguoka, Amiaba, Ezinato, Umuawulu and Amiaba — were disallowed because of “over-voting” and also because the collation officers in some of the units “failed to appear to present their results”.


Anyamelum LGA

Registered voters: 60,034

Accredited voters: 23,837

APC: 5,412

APGA: 14,593

PDP: 2,323

UPP: 77


Maurice Asuquo, the collation officer of Anyamelum, says votes were cancelled in Polling Unit-10 in Umuege because figures were not reconciled, the collation officer was being threatened, and the absence of security. In Omoh PU-02, result sheets were snatched but later recovered while in Omoh Polling Unit-18, the ballot box was also snatched.


Anaocha LGA

Registered voters: 89,515

Accredited voters: 25,474

APGA: 11,237

APC: 5,297

PDP: 6554

UPP: 446


Orumba South LGA

Registered voters: 63,149

Accredited voters: 16,528

APGA: 8,125

APC: 3,808

PDP: 2,412

UPP: 465


The collation officer for Orumba South,David Ogah, has said results were cancelled in Umuomaku Polling Unit-001, Umuozu Polling Unit-006, Umuozu Polling Unit-008 and Agu Polling Unit-008. He said the cancellation was as a result of “over-voting”.


Ekwusigo LGA

Registered voters: 73,800

Accredited voters: 20,196

APC: 5,412

APGA: 8,595

PDP: 3,856

UPP: 320


Anim Ajake, the collation officer for Ekwusigo LGA says results from five polling units in four wards in Ekwusigo were rejected due to over voting. The wards include Amagwa 001, Iheatua 004, Ozubulu 003 and Ichi 007.


Aguata LGA

Registered voters: 121,009

Accredited voters: 20,388

APC: 5,807

APGA: 13,167

PDP: 4,073

UPP: 280


In Aguata LGA, results from five Polling Units were cancelled because the returning officer ran away with the ballot box, and also as a result of over-voting. The polling units are Ekwulobia 002, Igbukwu 004, Ugah 001, Imuchu 002 and Imuchu 006.


Onitsha North LGA

Registered voters: 127,865

Accredited voters: 20,806

APC: 3,808

APGA: 10,138

PDP: 4,143

UPP: 435


Ogbaru LGA

Registered voters: 149,070

Accredited voters: 16,049

APC: 3,415

APGA: 6,615

PDP: 4,416

UPP: 59


Results from some polling units in four wards in Ogbaru LGA were rejected due to the alleged molestation of the returning officers and a threat to kidnap one of them.


The collation officer for Onitsha North has updated his report saying results from 17 polling units were affected due to various forms of electoral malpractice and threatening of electoral officers. He said the total number of registered voters in the 17 affected Polling Units are 20,942. His update did not sit well with party agents, some of whom have voiced their discontent.


Idemili South LGA

Registered voters: 94,197

Accredited voters: 14,205

APC: 4,063

APGA: 5,742

PDP: 2,629

UPP: 600


In Idemili South LGA, results of some polling units in five wards were rejected due to the use of manual voting in some Polling Units and over-voting in others.


The returning officer has announced a 20 minutes break. The process of reading out results will, hopefully, resume at about 1:20pm.



Registered voters: 89,157

Accredited voters: 19,931

APC: 5,085

APGA: 11,840

PDP: 1,296

UPP: 111


Results from four Polling Units in Oyi LGA were rejected “because of the abandonment of card readers and abandonment of PVCs for temporary ones”.The affected Polling Units include Awkuzu 002, Nteje 001 and 004; and Ezunaka 001.


Orumba North LGA

Registered voters: 79,022

Accredited voters: 18,339

APC: 3,551

APGA: 8,766

PDP: 3,865

UPP: 190


Results from 27 polling units in Orumba North LGA were rejected due to various acts of electoral malpractice and violence, including stealing of ballot papers. The total registered voters in the 27 units is 8,012.


Awka North LGA

Registered voters: 54,390

Accredited voters: 16,119

APGA: 7162


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